The eighth graders continue selling bottled water on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This Friday is a full day.

HOMEWORK (due Monday): Students should complete ixL Math skills A 8 and B 1, as well as Language skill A 7. Students will be doing Fluency week 8. Please initial the sheet each time they read. They are to do 20-30 minutes of reading each night (please initial all reading done at home).


Religion: We move on to Unit 2, chapter 5. Students are bringing a letter to parents from our text.

Math: We continue unit 2, focusing on data landmarks as well as addition and subtraction strategies.

Reading Workshop: All students should be reading a realistic fiction book. Please initial the reading log for all reading that is done at home. Click here for a copy of the reading log. ReadingLog

Writing Workshop: We continue drafting scenes for our stories.

Spelling: We are working on Unit 7; the test will be on Friday.

Vocabulary: We continue our work on Unit 4; the test will be on Friday.

Grammar: We have finished the unit on sentences, and we move on this week to Unit 2, with the focus being nouns.

Social Studies: Issues 5-9 focus on the early Americans in CA: Native Americans. We have begun reading issue #5, which gives an overview.

Science: We will have a test on chapter 1 this Thursday.   Students may prepare by using the website, as well as the attached study guide. chp one study sheet

Thanking you for your support,

Mrs. Mary Dwyer