Hello Third Grade Families,

Friday is all about parents! I look forward to meeting everyone in the Church for mass before heading over to the classroom. We will be making miraculous medals, and maybe even a little Word Work if we have time.

Next week we celebrate Catholic Schools Week. As a reminder, we will be marking the occasion with a canned food drive. As always, I would encourage all to donate non-perishable food items in support of this very worthy cause.

Math: We continue Chapter 5: Place Value in Whole Numbers and Decimals, now turning our focus toward the very small: decimals! We will assign new values to our base-10 blocks (flats = 1.0, longs = .10 & cubes = .01) and connect decimals to dollars and cents as much as possible in order to make sense of these new numbers.

IXL Math Skills Homework:

AA.1 What decimal number is illustrated?

AA.3 Word names for decimals

AA.4 Compare decimals

Reading: This week we will become experts and teach others what we’ve learned from an assigned non-fiction text, paying close attention to the main idea and supporting details. Before this, we will build on our discussion of ways non-fiction readers determine what’s important. Thus far, readers are expected to: Pause after each chunk of text and jot notes about the main idea (boxes) and supporting details (bullets) & Organize texts into categories of information.

Word Work: This week’s words can be found in your child’s planner. Our spelling test is scheduled for Monday due to Parent’s Day.

Grammar: We continue with Unit 2 now moving on to a review of common and proper nouns. Feel free to take some time to review by clicking here.

Writer’s Workshop: We’ve now organized and written a draft of the first chapter of our informational texts! This week we will be studying an author’s moves in mentor texts in search of elaboration strategies before writing on our next sub-topic.

Science: We continue with the earth science, moving our focus specific planets to cycles and patterns in space. We will begin with a study of the rotating Earth & day/night.

Religion: The class will continue Chapter 12. See you in the church bright and early Friday morning!

Have a great week!

Ms. Espinosa