Dear Second Grade Families,

Hurray!  We finished our ITBS testing!  The students are ready for our “normal” classroom routine.  This week is a busy week with Friday being a half day.

Here is a Peek at our week:

Homework and Reading Log:  Please click on each red word to print out your reading log and common core curriculum homework.  This week we will not have new spelling words or test since it is a review week.  I will be sending a Reading Fluency activity this week which will require you to listen to your child read for one minute each day.  Please read the directions carefully.  If you have any questions please stop by the classroom in the morning, after school or send me an email.  Don’t forget to check their homework folder for the fluency activity.  Please staple all homework pages and return on Friday.

FLAT PEOPLE : Wow!  All the Flat People came out GREAT!  Thank you for returning the Flat People on time.  We will be seeing double this week , as we take photographs with your child & Flat Person. The students will begin their letter of introduction to their host family , label envelopes and stamped to send off to our host family by the end of this week.

RELIGION: We are still discussing Baptism and ways we belong to God’s Church; God speaks to us through the Bible, the Old Testament (stories about God’s plan for all people) and New Testament (stories of Jesus and the early Church). Jesus speaks to us about God’s love. SAINTS are people who heard God speaking to them. Look for your child’s saint assignment next Monday.  This will be the same saint for our famous SAINTS PARADE on November 2nd.  Some saints are known and some not so known. Hopefully we will expand our knowledge of the “Heroes of Our Faith.”  The children will select their saint out of a hat.

Last week, Father Bill gave us a tour of the church and we role played a Baptism.  The children and I enjoyed every minute.  THANK YOU, Father Bill!

LANGUAGE ARTS: We will finish the last silly story, “Mrs. Brown Went to Town”.  By Wednesday, we will begin Theme 2: Nature Walk with the story  “Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night”,
long vowels; two sounds for ‘g’; Dictionary work; creative writing; good penmanship; writing sentences and telling and asking.

MATH: Subtraction facts to 20 and the related addition facts. You can help your child memorize the facts by spending a few minutes each day with practice.  We will be finishing up Unit 1 and will have our Chapter 1 Test next week.

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: Communities, neighborhoods; plant cycles and introducing animal life cycle.

If you have any questions please send me an email at

God Bless,

Mrs. Vazquez