Second Grade Families-

We have a short week ahead of us!  We prepare ourselves during this holy week for Easter Sunday.



Students will need to have their poem memorized by Wednesday.  Please send in    one small prop or costume item for their presentation of their poem on Wednesday.  The top five students will be selected by Thursday.

There will be no homework during our vacation.  I do hope the kids find the time  to enjoy some good books.  Students can also do some math IXL to improve on math skills.


Religion: Living Stations of the Cross at 1:50 (Please look at our website for any changes on time) and playing Stump the Shepherd (Reviewing parts of the Mass and Unit 4)

Language Arts

Reading :  We will be reviewing all the reading skills we have worked on this trimester. We will especially focus on fluency with our poem books.

Spelling: Students will take their spelling test on Tuesday.  They will receive their new sort but will not be tested until

Grammar: Review:  Collective Nouns

Writing:  Opinion Writing

Math: Test on Tuesday

We will review mode and median. We are practicing Math IXL skills in the computer lab so students know to use a whiteboard or scratch paper to solve longer problems.  We will be working on X.3 and L.8.

Science: We will be making some of our own fossils on Thursday (Cast Fossil, Trace Fossil, True Fossil, and Mold Fossil).

Social Studies: Learning about different cultures. If you have anything to share about your culture, you may send in information or pictures with your child or via email.  We will be happy to share.  We will continue this after our Easter break. 🙂

Events this week:

Tuesday:  P.E.

Wednesday:  Living Stations of the Cross at 1:50pm

Thursday:  Library books due!  We will not have library this week but please return books.  No P.E. so students may wear their regular uniform.

Future Events

May 5th:  LAST primary center!  This time it’s true.  Send me an email if you are interested in volunteering.

May 10th:  Jog-A-Thon:  Don’t forget to send in your order form for our AWESOME school fundraiser.  Please look on our school website for additional information.

May 13th:  First Communion;  I will be sending home information regarding our First Communion upon our return from Easter vacation.


I hope you all make lots of beautiful memories during your break!  Wishing you all a Happy Easter!


Mrs. Vazquez