Second Graders have been working hard getting into our daily routine.  They are doing a fantastic job!  Last week, we took our first spelling test and math test.



Reading Log

Math IXL B.1:  Beginning next week students will be assigned two MATH IXL skills

Spelling City : Take advantage of SpellingCity.com to study at home! Our next spelling test will be on Friday. Students will NOT be tested on every single word. Rather, we choose a sampling of about half from the sort. Students who show mastery of the pattern will move on to the next sort, while those whose tests indicate that extra practice is needed will be given a more developmentally appropriate sort.

A Look at our Academic Week

Reading: We continue adding to our reading strategies.  We continue working on STOP, THINK, AND RETELL.  We will begin practicing what to do when we come across a challenging word.

Writing: We will focus on “unfreezing” our stories.

EM (EVERYDAY MATH): We begin Unit 2 this week. We will work on number grid puzzles, addition word problems, “easy addition facts” and double facts.  Yesterday, I sent home an overview for our unit.

Religion: Jesus show Us How to Love God Our Father and Others

Social Studies: Unit 1 We Belong To Many Groups


Tuesday and Thursday: P.E.


Thursday: Library Books due & classwork will be sent home.

I am taking any volunteers for our pillow washing this weekend.  Please send me an email if you are interested.  I only take 5 volunteers.  I will send the pillows with your child on Friday.


If you have any question please send me an email secondgrade@sacredheartschoolventura.org

Have a Wonderful Week,

Mrs. Vazquez