Dear Second Grade Families,

It was great to conference with all the parents this last week. I appreciate all your support! This week is a short one but full of academics.


Tuesday & Thursday: P.E.

Wednesday:  Free Dress ($1.00 for St. Vincent De Paul Society)

Thursday: Library books are due

Friday: Full day!

SAVE THE DATE: January 26th is Parent’s Day!  Also, look in the family envelope for our Sacrament dates and attire requirements.


Reading Log


NO Math IXL , but students will have worksheets this week due on Tuesday.

Language IXL X.2 (We will be going over synonyms on Thursday and Friday)

RELIGION:   We will be going over the steps of Reconciliation.


READING: We continue reading nonfiction books.  Please continue providing your child with nonfiction books.

SPELLING: Please have your child practice their spelling sort.  A little reminder,  your child may have the same words this week.  If you have any questions, please send me an email.

MATH: We are working on adding two digit numbers to a one digit and two digit numbers. Example:  30+45= or 56+4.  We will also be working on Ballpark Estimation. Example:  45+34=  B.E. 50+30=80

Writing:  Choose your favorite character and give me a few reasons why he/she is your favorite character.

Science:  Magnets

Social Studies:  What are consumers and producers?  What is an income?

Please be sure to send me an email if you have read the newsletter.  Your child will receive a sparkler to add to our almost full bucket!  Yippee!!!!!

Have a Beautiful Week,

Mrs. Vazquez