Dear Second Grade Families,

We began our Catholic Schools week on Friday with a Mass and Parent Appreciation Day. It was great to see you all enjoy a little time with your child at school.


We are collecting non-perishable foods to donate on behalf of the Parish.  Take a peek at our school website for more information.

Tuesday:  Staff Appreciation Day!  P.E.

Wednesday: Student Appreciation Day!!!! FREE DRESS!!!!  Lunch will be provided by Ms. Benner.

Thursday:  Parish Appreciation Day!  Library books due.

Friday:  Full day!  Dismissal 2:45

Homework: Fluency…Students will not have IXL this week or need to log in reading.  Students should read for fun!  I am encouraging them to take books from their book box to read at home. (student appreciation gift from me).

RELIGION: We are reviewing the steps to Reconciliation.  We continue to practice the Act of Contrition.


READING: Nonfiction reading continues to be our main focus.  We look for keywords and “really” learn their meanings.  We can use the glossary, labels or text box to figure the meaning of the keyword.

SPELLING: Students will be taking their spelling test on Friday.

MATH: We continue to learn about line segments.  Vocabulary:  Parallel/Quadrilateral/Polygon/Quadrangle

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES: Sound/People who lead our country/landmarks

We will have a Primary Center day on February 16th.  Please let me know if you are able to join us.

Have a Blessed Week,

Mrs. Vazquez