Dear Second Grade Parents,

I hope you had a great three day weekend.  We will have a busy four days in class this week.


Homework:  IXL (H.1)/ Fluency/Reading Log

Remember to look on the site everyday math to practice skills we have learned during the week.  We finished Unit 2 last week.  Review Unit 2 lesson 9 through lesson 13.  We will review areas of Unit 2 on  Tuesday and Wednesday.  Unit 3 will begin on Thursday.

Religion:  We will have a quiz on Wednesday on Chapter 5; vocabulary (commandments, Lord’s Day, Ten Commandments).  We will listen to the story of Moses and the Burning Bush.

Language Arts:

Reading: We will begin Theme 3 (Around Town: Neighborhood and Community) with the story “Chinatown” and reading Fables.

Writing: Grammar; naming words, common and proper nouns.  We continue writing about small moment and adding our voice to our writing.

Spelling:  This week we will be on Unit 11 for spelling.  We are working with words ending in sk, ck, ake,  and oke,  This week  is a short week so we will take our spelling test on Friday instead of Thursday.  Go  onto to practice your words.

MATH: subtracting by counting up, back and using 10.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Article, The Pilgrims come to America

SCIENCE: Frog Life Cycle /learning about traits

Flat Mail NEWS:  Only some students have received mail the past two weeks.  Please make sure your child’s flat person has made it to their destination.  Send an email to the host family to remind them to send your child mail.  We have received post cards, pictures, gifts and letters from host families.  We look forward to our mail daily. 🙂

Days to Remember:

Tuesday and Thursday:  P.E.

Wednesday:   Free Dress $1.00 donation

Friday:  FULL DAY!!!! YAY!!! We have a lot to do!!!!

God Bless,

Mrs. Vazquez