Week of January 9-13, 2012

We have started our second week of 2014!  I can’t believe how fast this school  year has gone.  On Friday, I sent out permission slips that are due this Friday.  Our field trip will be on Tuesday, January 21st.   Monday is a holiday so please mark your calendar for a reminder of our field trip.

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday:  Free Dress $1.00

Primary Centers:  January 17th from 10:00-12:00. We are still looking for volunteers to help out on Friday.  Please let any of the room moms know if you are able to attend.

SAVE THE DATE:    JANURARY 24th is  Parents Day!

FLAT PEOPLE:   We will be writing and sending out our last letter at the end of next week requesting the return of flat second graders.  Please send in a stamp by next Friday.



RELIGION: We discussed that Jesus loves us even when we make mistakes.  We will continue learning how Jesus forgives us.  We will  read the story of Zacchaeus.  We will end our week by learning about how the Sacrament of Reconciliation is Jesus’ gift for peace and spiritual growth.

A copy of the Act of Contrition will be sent home this week so your child can begin memorizing this prayer.

SPELLING: Unit 16, Long I words such as child, light, high and July.  Spelling test is on Thursday.

LANGUAGE ARTS: plurals, vowel pairs ‘ee’ and ‘ea’, words that end in ‘tion’ and ‘ture’; Dictionary work; creative writing; Dictionary and Thesaurus work; winter language arts.

READING:  We will wrap up the Big Bushy Mustache,  a realistic fiction selection. We will be reading for comprehension and fluency.  We will begin leveled reading books in small groups with reading and comprehension strategies.  If your child goes home with a leveled book  (black and white), please return it the following day. Do not write or color the book.

We will continue our read aloud, Boxcar Children. The kids really LOVE this book.

MATH:   We begin Unit 4 (4.1-4.3).  Math test will go home this week.  Please look at the areas he/she needs help.  Please use the everyday math site to print out practice sheets or have your child play games.  You can always use IXL for areas that need improvement.

SCIENCE:  Force & Motion…We will be discussing how machines  & tools can be used to move objects. Forces (push and pull).

SOCIAL STUDIES: Martin Luther King, Jr

If you have any questions, please send and email to secondgrade@sacredheartschoolventura.org


Mrs. Vazquez