Week of February 25-March 1, 2013

Dear Second Grade Families,

I hope all of you had an exciting weekend.  I imagine most of you got started on the Flat Person project.   Please let me know if you need any guidance.  Flat Students keep coming in everyday!!!!  Please give your Flat Host a call to make sure your Flat Person is on its way!


HOMEWORK:  Children must work on their Flat Person Project this week.

RELIGION: This week we will talk about how saying yes to God makes us happy and why we need Jesus’ forgiveness. The sacrament of Reconciliation gives us peace. We will also discuss how the Holy Spirit bring love, peace and joy.  We will pray the Stations of the Cross as a school on Wednesday, 2:00, in the church. Please join us if you can.


READING: We will finish The Great Ballgame.  Our comprehension focus will be cause and effect.  We will also practice vowel pair words by reading our phonics library books.

Finish our read aloud of Cam Jansen

SPELLING: Unit 22 is a review unit. We will be looking at words with oo as in moon, oo as in took and ew as in grew.

We will continue practicing cursive letters (i, u, t, l, ll, e, h)

MATH: Adding and subtracting facts to 20; subtracting two  two-digit number with and without regrouping, reviewing addition with regrouping, word problems and shapes.

ART: We continue learning about the artist Joseph Stella.  We have observed how he applies mixed media to his art.  The children are excited to finish their art work.

Science: We will begin our new unit on Magnets and Sound.

Social Studies: We will continue discussing how we use the land and where does our food come from?

Have a good week,

Mrs. Vazquez