Dear Parents,

Amazing how March is moving on! Looks like many students are doing quite a bit of extra reading for our Read Across America raffle. This reading incentive is going on through March. If you need a ‘Hat’ doc to list 5 books on click here

Tomorrow we will attend the Stations of the Cross at 2:00 – as always join us if you can.

Birthday girls for March:  Aryanna- March 10 and Fiona – March 17

Our academics this week continue with producing the sounds for all letters. Breaking up simple word sounds and blending these sounds together. Each night as you read together, practice this skill with words your child knows and words they do not know. Guided reading groups will begin next week. It is time to work hard  so we can be good little readers for first grade. Writing skill lessons continue with producing a true story with pictures, sentences, and words. Congratulations to our Palmisano finalists: Douglas, Aryanna, Sophia, Adriana and Mary.

This Section of Everyday Math finds us learning value for pennies, nickels and dimes. Counting money and knowing value is a difficult skill for most children. Practice counting coins at home- start a coin jar or an extra piggy bank!  Geometry skills with plane and solid shapes will be another part of section 6.

The next couple of weeks healthy foods will be our science lessons.

Social Studies- maps and care of planet Earth.

Friday is a noon dismissal.


Mrs. Carol Brown