Third grade families,

Today we are off to the Chumash Museum! We will depart by 9:00 AM and will return to campus by 2:00 PM.

This Friday, June 2nd is a half -day!


A peak into our short week…

Math: This week we will be wrapping up Unit 9, continuing to multiply two-digit number by two-digit numbers without 0 (ex: 37 x 46). At this point in the unit, I am allowing students to solve those multiplication problems with any method they feel most comfortable with (lattice or partial-product). We have had a lot of practice with both!

As a reminder…please do not worry about reaching to 100% on the difficult IXL assignments, I continue monitoring our progress on IXL and will work with all students on the problem spots.

IXL Homework: These IXL assignments are multiplication review.



Reading: We are close to reaching the end of our Reader’s Workshop Unit. This week we are learning how to apply the knowledge readers develop through their research. Then we begin our Reader’s Workshop celebration!

Homework: Fluency and 100+ minutes of reading.

Word work: Spelling words can be found in your child’s planner. Our spelling test is scheduled for Friday, June 2nd. This week we are completing our FINAL sorts!

Writer’s Workshop: Last week, we did a writing challenge where we wrote an opinion piece in 45 minutes. This week, we begin organizing our opinion writing drafts.

Grammar: This week we learn about subject pronouns.

Science: We continue with Phases of the Moon and a yummy science lab!

 Religion: This week, in Ch. 12, we talk about how Jesus Revealed the Kingdom of God.

We are almost to the end!

Thank you for your constant support!

Miss Poindexter