Sunset night leaves fall

Colors so sparkling bright

Catching peoples’ eyes.


Creepy small spiders

Eating all your candy corn

Eat one and you die.


Mummy, mummy boo

Five mummies in a rock tomb

Come alive tonight.


It’s Halloween, Mrs.

Ruiz is looking for something

Very, very sweet to eat.


Boo-hoo how are you

Would you like hot witches’ stew

When you drink you goo.


Oh ghost, how you fright

During every Halloween

Scare Halloween night.


Sharp brown browns fly bright

Ghosts fly with them all night long

In the sparkling night.


Zombies in the street

And they want something to eat

They have good candy.


Bright jack-o-lanterns

Shine so bright on Halloween

Night, need sour candy.


Black cats hiss, bats fly

Cats’ eyes glow Halloween night

Bats come out of caves.


Candy is so good!

But also bad for your teeth!

But I can’t help it.



Unicorns at night

Ten black cats crawling around

See jack-o-lanterns.



Bats fly quietly

The dogs bark for candy corn

Mummies dance and shout.


Trick-or-treat smell my

Feet, candy is so sweet

Plus they are good treats.


Halloween is here.

Scary skeletons at night

Black cats cross your path.


I love Halloween

I love candy, it’s okay

Happy Halloween.


Vampires in light

Pumpkins shining all just bright

Skeletons work night.


It is cold outside

Weird stenches fill the unfilled!

It is Halloween!


Witches brew boo hoo

Cauldron bubbles all night long

Fear witches tonight.


Candy is so sweet

Candy is so good to eat

It tastes good to me.


Black bats cover the sky

Witches fly and laugh up high

Ghosts soar through the street.


Costumes on the rack

Come to life when you are home

Sleeping all day long!



Ugly witch is nice

She likes to eat candy corn

Big black ugly teeth.


Scary skeleton

Hanging on my porch now

Scaring kids at night.