This Friday, Parents’ Day, begins our celebration of Catholic Schools Week. Parents are invited to join us for the morning, beginning with Mass at 8:30. There will be a reception in the hall and then classroom visits. On Wednesday the 24th, we take our first field trip! We will be going to the Albinger Archaelogical Museum in Ventura. As it can be cooler downtown, I would ask that students wear their sweatshirts or jackets to school.


HOMEWORK (due next Monday): Students will be working on the following ixL skills: Math T 7 and T 9; Language D 13. We are doing fluency #19, and students should be reading non-fiction selections for 20-30 minutes per night.


Religion: We continue our study of the 10 Commandments.

Math: We continue work on Unit 4, which focuses upon decimals. Students are to complete Math Boxes on pages 97 and 100 by Friday. We will be ready for the Unit 4 test next week.

Reading Workshop: We continue our unit on non-fiction reading. This week we continue reading about specific topics related to weather, taking notes on what we learn about the assigned topic. Please initial the reading log for all reading done at home.

Writing Workshop: We continue our unit on opinion writing. This week we are selecting the topic for our essays.

Spelling: We are working on Unit 17; the test will be on Thursday.

Vocabulary: This week we begin work on Unit 9. The test will be next Friday.

Grammar: We are working on the last three lessons in unit 3, with the focus on verbs. We will have a test on verbs next week.

Science: This week we will be studying about the three kinds of rocks and how texture and grain can help us to determine which type of rock a sample might be.

Social Studies: We continue learning about life in the missions (magazine #12).

Thanking you for your continuing support,

Mrs. Mary Dwyer