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Mrs. Basamanowicz

Weekly Letter 11/1/10

1st Grade By November 1, 2010 No Comments

Dear Parents,                                                     November 1, 2010 This week, our reading strategy is “predict/infer”.  Before reading a story, we look at the cover, the title and the pictures and make educated guesses (or predictions) on what the story will be about.  While reading, we use information learned to conclude (or infer) if our prediction is correct or […]


10/25/10 weekly letter

1st Grade By October 25, 2010 No Comments

Dear Parents, Thank you to all who were able to help with Primary Centers.  Even with the change in scheduling, we were able to complete the three rotations because of your help!! We are starting theme 3 – “Let’s Look Around” this week in our reading series.  The stories in this theme follow a different […]


10-11-10 Weekly Letter

1st Grade By October 10, 2010 No Comments

Dear Parents, This week in language arts we will be reading about Christopher Columbus and making a project to accompany our story.  Our reading strategy this week is “monitor and clarify”.  If we have difficulty understanding the story as we read, we stop and go back to reread the sections that were confusing.  We also […]


Weekly Letter – Oct. 4, 2010

1st Grade By October 3, 2010 No Comments

Dear Parents,                                                     October 4, 2010 I would like to thank the parents that were able to make it to Wednesday’s Parent Meeting.  I hope that you found it informative. We have completed theme 1 in our reading series.  We start theme 2 – “Surprise!” this week.  We will be reading stories that have a surprise […]


1st Grade By September 29, 2010 No Comments

Dear Parents,                                                     September 27, 2010 Thank you to Mr. Sezzi and Mr. Ortega for helping with Primary Centers.  We couldn’t do it without your help! In language arts this week, we will be reviewing the short sound of /a/ and the short sound of /i/.  We will not have new spelling words this week and […]