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Education at Sacred Heart School is centered in Christ and is concerned with the development of the whole child. We are committed to helping students grow in trust and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus as well as to helping them grow in the spirit of prayer, service and leadership in the Christian community. Sacred Heart School cooperates with and assists the parents or legal guardians, who are the primary educators of their children. Along with teaching Catholic dogma, doctrine, and morals, Sacred Heart School maintains a strong, innovative curriculum. It is our goal to promote a school atmosphere that is enlivened by Gospel values, intellectual proficiency, and self-esteem.

Our Flag Retirement Ceremony: What it Is, and Why We Do It by MS Student, Jessica

8th Grade, Events, Leadership Committee By November 13, 2017 No Comments

This year, Sacred Heart School’s students held their annual Flag Retirement Ceremony or “Burning of the Flag”, on November 9th, which has been a patriotic tradition in this school for four years now. Held near the time of Veteran’s Day, this ceremony serves as a way for the school to honor our great nation of […]