As part of our Parish Appreciation Day during Catholic Schools Week, January 29-February 2, we will have another week long food drive for the Sacred Heart Food Pantry.

Our December donations to the pantry were greatly needed and appreciated as we were told in the following note:

“Prior to becoming a ministry of Sacred Heart, the pantry provided an average of 70 families per month with food. In the first 12 months ending 9/1/2017, we averaged 127 families per month, an 81% increase. This represented serving over 6000 people, more than half of whom are children and elderly. Additionally in the holiday months of November and December, we provided food to more than 350 families.

The only cost for the operation is what we pay for meat and poultry to Food Share, a nominal amount. All perishables are free, along with food donations from the church and school. During our first year operating the pantry we have been able to reduce the cost of providing food from $8.86 per family per month to $1.56 per family per month. This means that we can now supply a well balanced variety of groceries 2 or 3 times a month to a needy family for a TOTAL cost of $1.56. This is made possible by the volunteers efforts and the support of the community.”

We cannot think of a better way for our school community to show its appreciation for our parish than by donating as much to the pantry as we are able.  Please add non-perishable items to your weekly shopping in the next few weeks for donation during Catholic Schools Week.  We encourage the students to participate by selecting things they enjoy!  There surely are young people who enjoy the same…

Since we were unable to donate our stuffed animals to The Archdiocese of Los Angeles Adopt-a-Family in December due to the school closure, we sent the stuffed animals to the pantry.  Please read below for their reaction:

“I have been quite impressed with Sacred Heart School’s commitment to the Christmas Food Drive, especially given the extraordinary circumstances we have been dealing with. I was surprised by the stuffed animals donation, not being sure what drove it. When we got to the pantry and I realized what had been donated and what it would mean to our community, to say I was taken back would be an understatement.”

So…we would like to encourage our families to make donations of items young people would enjoy as much as the stuffed animals.  Please, let’s donate fidget spinners, puzzles, yo-yos, any small toy that you think would be a treat for someone!

Thank you for your generosity!