Proforma is shifting its business model from the public coming to their Ventura warehouse to online ordering.

To assist families in identifying options and sizes for all shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and PE uniforms, Proforma will come on campus at least three times each school year with samples to view and try on; the first visit will be on Friday, November 3 from 12-3p.  That date is noted on the school calendar.

As warm as it is now, jackets and sweatshirts are unnecessary, but cooler days are coming.  Early November will be a good time to place a jacket or sweatshirt order for delivery prior to those cooler days.

Orders can be placed each of those visit days or at any time online.  The company has upgraded its online ability, and continuing changes will be made as needed to make the ordering process efficient and thorough.

Whenever you place an order, Proforma will deliver available items to SHS on the following Friday, and they will be given to family members.

If you have any remaining scrip it will be honored; when you are ready to place an order using any remaining scrip, please let the school or scrip office know, and we will assist you.  Scrip will not be sold at school anymore; instead, Proforma will return a percentage of the total SHS sales each month to the scrip office.  If you participate in scrip, you can share your receipt total with the scrip office to have your scrip “profit” credited to your family.