Sacred Heart School is an excellent place for your child(ren) for the 2018-2019 school year and those that follow until high school.

With a highly qualified staff, a longer school year, a strong emphasis on academics, a faith & character infused environment, and a safe location, Sacred Heart School allows students to mature and prosper personally and academically.

We have openings in all classes–Kindergarten through Fifth and Middle School (Grades 6-8).  Our Kindergarten to Fifth Grade classes are single grade while our Middle School is departmentalized for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade (Math/Science, English/Literature, Religion/History).  Teachers’ Assistants work with all grade levels to maximize instruction, repetition, and assessment.  All students participate in twice weekly Music classes, a monthly Art class, and twice weekly PE classes for 1st-5th and hour long weekly PE classes for Middle School.

Students in all grades, even incoming 8th grade students, join our student body each year, and we invite you and your family to do so too.

There is much more to tell you about our school!  Please contact or call 805.647.6174 to arrange a time to tour Sacred Heart School.

We look forward to sharing information about SHS and hope your family joins us for the coming school year(s)!