Dear Families,

On Tuesday Progress Reports will be going home.  Please sign the envelope and return the envelope.  This Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are 11:30 dismissals for parent conferences.  I look forward to seeing everyone this week.  Wednesday is Teddy Bear Day!

Below is an overview of our week.

Social Studies: We are focusing on the cause and effect relationship between the fur trade with the Europeans and the weakening of the Huron and Iroquois nations.

Science:  We will learn the importance of conserving water in order to make fresh water supplies last longer.

Math:  We are reviewing multiplication and division facts and apply basic facts to division.

Religion:  Our focus this week is Advent.

Grammar:  We are reviewing unit 2.

Vocabulary: Unit 6.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Ms. Carny