Every day school is in session, EDC opens until 6p to care for students who remain on campus at the close of the school day. Students in grades Kindergarten-Third are picked up outside the Kindergarten room. Students in Grades 4-8 walk to EDC and check in. At 3p any student not picked up is escorted to EDC. After a snack and short recreation period, students work on homework and are assisted as needed by the EDC staff. There is time to play on the field as well. Our EDC staff is led by Sarah Evans, a graduate of Sacred Heart School, Buena High School, Ventura College, and California State University, Fresno. Several staff members attend college locally and one is a recent graduate of UCSB. All enjoy spending the afternoon with students of Sacred Heart School. Sacred Heart School families may use the EDC as needed and are billed hourly for its use.