Dear Families,

As we begin a new week we will continue learning  about Jesus in the New Testament. A short video on the Transfiguration of Jesus.  More learning will be on the Stations of the Cross. And part 2 of the Virtus lesson.

If you can, please join us on Wednesday, 2p for Stations of the Cross. We sit in our usual places, right side of church.

b.daybook Greta and Sophia B. will celebrate their birthdays at the end of the week!

Free dress on Wednesday – please bring in $1.00 supporting our second trimester mission.

Friday is a full day of school with a family activity in the afternoon.

Your children are in need of new crayons. Please purchase a box of 24 – we are enjoying several shades as we work with more detail.

Our academic week:

Language arts will be wrapping up theme 6 – lots of work with short vowels, ‘a’ and ‘i’ and word families, sight word work, sentence structure. Much of our week will concentrate on our School  Fair reports. Reading comprehension: predict/infer; noting details; and making judgments will be the skills we use for our science link literary component about weather. The social studies link has us building background knowledge; evaluations and drawing conclusions with what we do in the different seasons.

Everyday Math finds us working with measurement and counting skills. We will  discuss the need to measure with standard units. Using nickels to count by fives and reviewing tally marks.

Science continues with  the landform project.

Social studies finds us learning fun facts on our first 24 Presidents.

That about wraps it up! Any questions?

Bless your families in this season of Lent!

Mrs. Carol Brown