Dear Parents,     February 24, 2014

We are starting theme 7 in language arts – We Can Work It Out!  Our reading strategy is summarizing and our comprehension skill that helps us with this is problem solving.  In order to summarize a story, it is helpful to recognize the problem and the solution in the story.  Paying attention to the characters, the setting, the problem the characters experience and the way they solve the problem will help you summarize. Practice this skill in reading with your child.  After reading a story have your child identify the character(s), the setting, and the problem.  Discuss how the characters solved the problem.  Also enrich your discussion by coming up with additional solutions and discuss which solution is best.  Our grammar focus this week is on Proper Nouns for people and animals. Our phonics focus this week is the long sound of /o/ spelled with the vowel pairs oa (boat) and ow (snow).  Our spelling words this week are from unit 32.  As an added activity to do this week please go online to Under the tab “Find a List” search by teacher (Katie Manning) and click on Unit 32.  Under this list you can play the games, practice and finally take a practice test.

In math this week, we will focus on solving number stories and practicing the vocabulary words sum (answer to an addition problem) and difference (answer to a subtraction problem)!

In religion this week we find ourselves learning how “Jesus Teaches us to Love Others”.

In social studies we will be working from our Social Studies Weekly magazine.

In science we are continuing our unit on animal habitats. For our school fair on February 26th we will be showcasing our work on animal habitats. We have been very busy in class working on all of our projects!

In other news, I will be out on Thursday as I attend a meeting on continuing to implement Common Core State Standards within the classroom. If you are picking your student up from the car line or in person this day, please make sure to let one of the aides know that you are taking your child home. Thank you!

Announcements for the week:

  • Please remind your child to bring in their library book Tuesday.
  • School Fair on Wednesday February 26 at 6:30-7:45pm in Biedermann Hall
  • Friday is a full day, however the children will participate in school families in the afternoon.
  • This week is All About… Gianna! Congratulations!

Have a wonderful week.  If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Ms. Manning