Dear Parents,                       April 7, 2014

We are starting theme 9 in our reading series – Special Friends.  Our reading strategy this week is “monitor/clarify”.  The comprehension skill that will help us with this strategy is noting details.  Using the text, pictures, and paying attention to the “extras” in a story will help us better understand what we read.  Our phonics focus this week, is sounds for y.  Y is usually a consonant, however, it sometimes acts as a vowel.  When y comes at the end of a short word, the y sounds like a long /i/ (try), while y at the end of a long word sounds like a long /e/ (funny).  Our grammar focus this week, is the proper usage of the words, is and are.  Our spelling words this week, are from unit 29 and all have a y that sounds like a long /i/.  The words are posted to  Don’t forget to play the games and take practice tests!

We will be moving right along in our math unit on “Developing Fact Power”. We will take some time to work on centimeters, patterns, and review of “What’s My Rule?” with our “Funky Function Machine” as we like to call it in First Grade!

In religion we will be spending our time wrapping up our chapter from last week and begin a special activity call Benjamin’s Box. I urge you to ask your student about this on Monday evening!

In science we will focus on the study of seasons. We will also be doing a science experiment in the science lab this Tuesday!

In social studies we begin our study of “My Country, My Heroes” and we begin with sharing the land.

Announcements for the week:

  • Please remind your student to bring their library book on Tuesday so that they may check out another one.
  • Wednesday is the 8th Grade Powder Puff Football Game!
  • Wednesday is our Intermediate Grades Music Program!
  • Friday is a full day!
  • This week is All About…. Livia! Congratulations!

Ms. Manning