Dear Parents,                     February 2, 2015

This week in first grade, we are learning…

Language Arts: We are starting theme 6 in our reading series this week – Animal Adventures.  Our reading strategy is summarizing and our comprehension skill is story structure.  Knowing the setting, characters, problem, events in trying to solve the problem, and the ending will help us summarize the story.  Our phonics focus is the long /o/ sound spelled with the CVCe pattern or CV (as is go) and the long /u/ sound spelled with the CVCe pattern.  We will also work on the final clusters of ft, lk, and nt. Our grammar focus is on naming words for people and animals.

Spelling: Our spelling words are from unit 22 and all have the long /o/ sound.

Math: We will be continuing our unit in math. We will be practicing fact triangles, strategies for solving subtraction facts, and working with the centimeter!

Religion: We will be reading from our textbooks this week. We will be discussing how “Jesus Teaches God’s Love”

Science: In science we will be taking our test on Monday. We will then move right in to our next chapter on weather for Tuesday!

Social Studies: In social studies we will be continuing our chapter on life in a community. We will be discussing how to read a map and how communities change.

Homework for the Week:

  • Monday: Rainbow Write and Math Worksheet
  • Tuesday: Spelling p.161-162 and Skill B.9
  • Wednesday: 7 Sentences (Don’t forget the challenge words) and Math Worksheet
  • Thursday: Spelling p. 164 and Math Worksheet
  • Friday: Read two times!

Reminders for the Week:

  • PE Uniforms on Tuesday and Thursday!
  • Please remind your child to bring their library book on Tuesday so that they may check out a new one.
  • Friday is a full day

Upcoming Events:

  • Valentine’s Day is coming up! A note regarding our celebration will be coming home during the week!

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Manning