Dear Parents,                                       November 14, 2011

We briefly started theme 4 in our reading series last week and will continue this week. As a reminder from last week, the theme is “Family & Friends”.  Our reading strategy, comprehension skill, phonics, and grammar are all continued from last week as well.  The reading strategy is “summarizing”- after reading a story, we should be able to retell the important parts of the story. While reading, we pay attention to the main idea and the important details in the story and this will help us retell the story.  The comprehension skill is “drawing conclusions”- while reading, we pay attention to what is happening in the story not only for summarizing but also for drawing conclusions. Our phonics focus continues to be words with ‘l’ clusters.   We will also review contractions with ‘s, consonant ‘r’ clusters and short /o/ words in our reading.   Our grammar focus continues to be on the naming and action parts of sentences. As last week, our spelling words are from unit 14 – clusters with ‘l’- and Spelling Test on Thursday.  In religion, we will focus on the beautiful prayer, The Our Father. In social studies this week and next, we will continue learning about the Native Americans, the Pilgrims and Colonial Settlers.

Within Social Studies this week, First Grade will be introduced to a Readers’ Theatre play about the First Thanksgiving. The play is not memorized but instead read from a script. This will be read many times throughout the week, which will help with our fluency. We will wear simple costume pieces that will be made. Our performance will be held next Tuesday, November 22 at 11:00 for our sixth grade buddies.  Parents are welcome!

Reminders for the rest of the week:

  • Please remind your child to bring their library book on Tuesday so that they may check out a new one.
  • Water bottle sales continue on Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you for your support!
  • Free dress on Wednesday November 16. Cost is $1 with proceeds going to Saint Vincent de Paul.
  • Primary Centers is on Friday! Please join us for mass and the festivities if your schedule permits!

It is All About…Gabriella this week!  Congratulations!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  Have a wonderful week!

~Miss. Manning