Dear Parents,                     March 2, 2015

This week in first grade, we are learning…

Language Arts We are starting theme 7 in language arts – We Can Work It Out! Our reading strategy is summarizing and our comprehension skill that helps us with this is problem solving. In order to summarize a story, it is helpful to recognize the problem and the solution in the story. Paying attention to the characters, the setting, the problem the characters experience and the way they solve the problem will help you summarize. Practice this skill in reading with your child. After reading a story have your child identify the character(s), the setting, and the problem. Discuss how the characters solved the problem. Also enrich your discussion by coming up with additional solutions and discuss which solution is best. Our grammar focus this week is on Proper Nouns for people and animals. Our phonics focus this week is the long sound of /o/ spelled with the vowel pairs oa (boat) and ow (snow).

Spelling: Our spelling words are from unit 32 and focus on the oa/ow vowel pair (it sounds like long /o/).

Math: We will be continuing our unit in math. We will be practicing fact families, “What’s My Rule?”, and counting with quarters

Religion: We will be reading from our textbooks this week. We will be discussing how “Jesus is the Good Shepherd”.

Science: In science we will be working on our last environment- deserts! We will be taking our test (hopefully) at the end of the week.

Social Studies: In social studies we will be continuing our work on our School Fair project!

Homework for the Week:

  • Monday: Rainbow Write and Math Worksheet
  • Tuesday: Spelling p.221-222 and Skill B. 19
  • Wednesday: 7 Sentences (Don’t forget the challenge words) and Math Worksheet
  • Thursday: Spelling p. 224 and Math Worksheet
  • Friday: Read two times!

Reminders for the Week:

  • PE Uniforms on Tuesday and Thursday!
  • Please remind your child to bring their library book on Tuesday so that they may check out a new one.
  • Wednesday is $1 Free Dress Day
  • Stations of the Cross on Wednesday at 2pm in the Church.
  • Friday is a full day!

Have a wonderful week!

                                                     Ms. Manning