Dear Parents,                          April 3, 2017

Here is what first graders are doing this week…

Language Arts: We are continuing to challenge ourselves in our opinion writing unit. We are looking for ways to persuade someone. In phonics this week, we are focusing on prefixes “un” (not) and “re” (again) and our base words with the endings –es and -ies. Our trick is to remember how to spell the base word to see which ending it will have. If the word ends in “y” it will need to have the ending “-ies”. For example bunny= bunnies, hatch = hatches. Our new spelling words are not from our Spelling book. All will be practicing our base words and these endings. We will be taking our spelling test on Thursday!

Our Poem Contest is coming up! We will be picking our poems in class on Tuesday. Please practice nightly with your child on memorizing these poems. We will be doing our in class presentations next week!

Math: We are taking time this week to review Unit 8. We will be taking our test by the end of the week!

Science: We are working on Chapter 5: Weather! We are learning about weather tools and what warms the air, land, and water.

Social Studies: We will be working on a project that shows off our new knowledge of how to save resources. We are working hard to take our test before our Easter vacation.

Religion: We are beginning a special project in our class- Benjamin’s Box. Each day we will read part of our story that follows Benjamin’s life as he encounters Jesus in the city of Jerusalem during Holy Week. Please ask your child what treasure they found in their own box each day.

Homework for the Week: (Don’t forget to read every night!)

  • Monday: Rainbow Write and Skill X.2
  • Tuesday: 6 Sentences and Skill X.3
  • Wednesday: 6 Sentences and Skill X.4
  • Thursday: Just Read!
  • Friday: Read 2 times!

Reminders for the Week:

  • PE Uniforms on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Stations of the Cross on Wednesday at 2:00pm in the church!
  • Friday is a busy day for us in First Grade. It is a full day of school, our field trip to Carnegie Art Museum, and In-N-Out day! Please meet us after our field trip for Dippin Dots and In-N-Out! We do encourage all to bring something to sit on (blankets, chairs, etc.) as we are outside for quite some time!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Basamanowicz