Dear Parents,                          April 24, 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed Easter break! We are back to work in first grade!

Congratulations to our poetry finalists – Nicholas, Savannah, Khloe, Abby, and Sophia D.

Language Arts: We are planning to have a mini-publishing party on Tuesday so that we can share our work with our neighbors. In phonics this week, we are focusing on r-controlled words. R-controlled words are words where the letter “r” is very bossy and makes the letters around it change. The “r” blends with a vowel and changes to a new sound. For example –er, -ir, -ur all create the sound /er/ as in teacher, burn, or shirt. The –or and –ore create the sound /or/ as in chore or fork. Our new spelling words are not from our Spelling book. All will be practicing these r-controlled words. We will be taking our spelling test on Friday!

Math: We are jumping into Unit 9. This week, we are focusing on number grids and the patterns we find, as well as adding and subtracting tens and 2-digit numbers.

Science: We are moving into chapter 6 this week. We will be learning about seasons.

Social Studies: We will be starting our new unit- Unit 5: My Country, My Heroes. We will be learning about sharing the land and vocabulary words this week.

Religion: We are working from our textbooks this week- Chapter 20: Jesus Is Risen. We will also begin practicing for our May Crowning ceremony next Monday at 2:15pm in the Church. Everyone in first grade participates in the May Crowning. Students will know their role on Tuesday! We hope you can come to the ceremony!

Homework for the Week: (Don’t forget to read every night!)

  • Monday: Rainbow Write and Math Worksheet
  • Tuesday: 6 Sentences and Math Worksheet
  • Wednesday: 6 Sentences and Math Worksheet
  • Thursday: Math Worksheet
  • Friday: Read 2 Times

Reminders for the Week:

  • PE Uniforms on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Please remind your student to bring their library book on Thursday so that they may check out a new one!
  • Friday is a full day!

Have a superb week!

Mrs. Basamanowicz