Dear Parents,                          May 29, 2017

I hope all enjoyed the long break! It sure felt like summer! But back to school we go for a tiny bit more! Please read the weekly reminders at the end of my newsletter as we have a few changes this week!

Language Arts: We are putting the final touches on our zoo reports! They will be due by the end of the week, and then once all are graded will be coming home in our last work packet. I do hope you take the time to have your student read their report to you – they have worked very hard!

Math: We are finishing Unit 10. We will be taking our last math assessment! Woohoo!

Science: We are finishing up our lessons about matter. We will be discussing what happens when matter is heated, cooled, and/or mixed. We will also be talking about reversible and irreversible changes. We will have a lab on Thursday and our test on Friday!

Religion: We will be finishing our Religion textbook this week with our final religion quiz at the end of the week.

Homework for the Week:

  • Tuesday: Math Worksheet
  • Wednesday: Skill M.5
  • Thursday: com Skill K.4
  • Friday: Read 2 Times!

Reminders for the Week:

  • Free Free Dress on Tuesday to celebrate our Successful Jogathon!
  • PE Uniforms on Wednesday and Thursday! Thursday will be our last PE day of the school year!
  • We will not be checking out a new book at the library this week. All books will be collected this Thursday in preparation for summer!
  • Used and NEW uniform sale on Thursday June 1st at 2pm.
  • Friday is a noon dismissal. We will have Move Up day!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Basamanowicz