Dear Parents,                          September 11, 2017

It was wonderful to see so many grandparents and special friends visit our classrooms on Friday! Thank you to all who supported this beautiful event. Parents, please keep an eye out for a special email from me!

Here’s what we are learning in first grade this week!

Language Arts: Our Readers Workshop has us focusing on building our “good habits” in reading by using picture clues to determine difficult words and making sure to look at all parts of our words. In Writers Workshop we are working to stretch out (sound out) our words so that we can better spell them, focus on small moments, and reading our writing as we read books. In addition, we will also be focusing on specific phonetic skills. This week, we will be highlighting the sounds associated with the letters /n/ (noodle), /f/ (fish), /p/ (pig), and /a/ (apple).

We will begin our Spelling Unit this week as well with our test at the end of the week. Most of our homework will come from our Spelling Book, however we will start our week with “Rainbow Write”. This will be introduced and started in class, with the rest to be completed at home. In class, students will write the spelling words a total of three times. The first word is to remain in pencil. The second and third words are to be completed in Rainbow Write. Rainbow Write is completed as follows: 1) Select three different colors (pencils/crayons) 2) Trace over the second word with your first color, then your second color, and then your third color. 3) Complete the third word in the same manner as your second word with the same three colors.

Math: We will begin our second unit in math! We will focus on number grids, numbers being all around, complements of 10, and unit labels for numbers. We will be heading into the computer lab this week to complete a bit of our IXL skills.

Science: We are continuing to learn about plant parts this week with lessons focusing on the roles of leaves and roots. We will be headed into the science lab on Tuesday for our first science experiment.

Social Studies: We are working from our first unit titled “School Days”. This week we are learning about school workers and how to read a map key.

Religion: We are reading Chapter 2 within our textbook. This week we will begin to discuss God’s creation.

Homework for the Week: (Don’t forget to read every night!)

  • Monday: IXL Math Skill A.14 and Rainbow Write (See ELA section for details)
  • Tuesday: Math Worksheet and Spelling Book p. 53-54
  • Wednesday: Math Worksheet and Spelling Book p. 55
  • Thursday: Math Worksheet and Spelling Book p. 56
  • Friday: Read 2 times!

Reminders for the Week:

  • PE Uniforms on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • SHS is now selling $1 water in the quad before school on Tuesday and Thursday!
  • Wednesday is Library Day! Please remind your child to bring their library book back to school so that they may check out a new one!
  • Wednesday is $1 Free Dress! All donations will go to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
  • Friday is a full day!

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • Monday September 18th will be vision screening!
  • Wednesday September 20th is a noon dismissal! EDC will be available at noon.
  • Primary Centers begins on October 20th! If you are interested in volunteering please email me at

Have a great week!

Mrs. Basamanowicz