Dear Parents,                          October 23, 2017

Here is what we are doing in first grade this week….

Language Arts: In Readers Workshop we continue to be a helper to our reading partners. In Writers Workshop we are working on making our writing fancy. In addition, we will also be focusing on specific phonetic skills. This week we will review the short sound of /i/ and verb endings –s, -ed, and –ing. We will also focus on possessive -’s. Our spelling words are from unit 10 – a short vowel review.

Math: We will continue to practice problems with the frames and arrows routine as well as adding and subtracting on our calculators. We will also begin an introduction to dimes.

Science: We are continuing our work on nocturnal animals. This week we will learn a bit about toads and owls!

Social Studies: We are continuing our work on Unit 2: At Home With My Family. This week, we will be learning about the choices families make.

Religion: This week we are working from Chapter 8: Jesus Teaches Us to Pray to Our Father. We will also be focusing on our Saints. We will be spending part of our week putting our facts into a report for us to memorize for our Saints Parade. A copy of this will go home when completed. Please help your child begin memorizing this report.

Homework for the Week:

  • Monday: Math Worksheet and Rainbow Write
  • Tuesday: Spelling Book p. 87 & 89
  • Wednesday: Math Worksheet and Spelling Book p. 90-91
  • Thursday: Math Worksheet and Spelling Book p. 92
  • Friday: Read 2 times!

Reminders for the Week:

  • PE Uniforms may be worn on Monday this week, as it is expected to be extremely hot.
  • PE Uniforms on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Please remind your child to bring their library book on Wednesday. This is the only day we are able to go to the library within our week.
  • We will be attending the Living Rosary on Wednesday at 2pm. Please join us if your schedule permits.
  • “Dodger Wear” Free Free Dress on Friday, October 27th. Go Blue! 🙂

Upcoming Announcements:

  • Halloween Free Free Dress on October 31st! Please no costumes.
  • Halloween Tattoos will be sold for $1. Students will be allowed to put on 2 when at school. All other purchased tattoos will be sent home on Halloween.
  • Saints Parade is on November 3rd. Please send your child in their Saints costume with PE uniform on underneath!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Basamanowicz