Dear Kindergarten Families,

Congratulations to our kindergarten friend, Connor who won second place in the Poetry Contest! We were all excited to have a winner in our class!

Third trimester progress reports come out Tuesday. Please review, sign and return by Monday, May 8.

Friday is Primary Centers. If you can come help please send me an email – we could use a few more parents…..

Jogathon envelopes came out last Friday, this is our big fundraiser for the year. Please donate generously for this event and come join in for the fun.

Religion for this week – Jesus is the Light of the World from our religion text. We will learn how important it is to shine our light on others.  May is Mary’s month we will be learning more about our Blessed Mother as we go through May.

This week we start learning about our National Symbols. This unit will be covered in our language arts readings and Social Studies lessons. Our words sorts continue with beginning consonant sounds and blends, vowels and ending consonant sounds. Writing workshop – focus is writing to make the world a better place, we are drawing and writing to show our opinions.

Math finds us learning value and noting details of coins; estimation practice, addition and subtraction facts to 10; and using the 110 number grid to count on and count down by one and ten.

Science – water cycle and water conservation.

Library is on Tuesdays, if there are any library books at home – please return this week. It is coming down to the last weeks of checking out books to take home.


Mrs. Carol Brown