This Wednesday is Picture Day; students are to come to school in uniform, as usual. They will have individual photos taken, and we will also take a class photo.   This Friday is Grandparents Day, with dismissal at 12 noon. We start class computer time this week; we will be using a variety of websites, and your child now has a list in the homework folder of login information for all of these programs. As we continue to experience warm weather, we ask that you send your child to school with 1-2 bottles of water. As a fundraiser, the 8th graders will be selling bottles of water for $1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

HOMEWORK (due Monday): Students should complete ixL Math skills W 2 and W 3, as well as ELA skill A 2. Students will be doing Fluency week 3, and they are to do 20-30 minutes of reading each night.


Religion: We continue chapter 2, learning about Sacred Scripture.

Math: We continue learning about geometric constructions.

Reading: Everyone is to be reading a realistic fiction book. Please initial the reading log for all reading that is done at home. Click here for a copy of the reading log. READING LOG

Spelling: No Spelling unit this week

Vocabulary: We are beginning Unit 2; the test will be next Friday.

Grammar: Our focus in Unit One is sentences: types of, subjects and predicates, run-ons and fragments.

Social Studies: We will have a test on Studies Weekly issues one and two on Thursday. I have given the students a study sheet. They can also review concepts using, which we did today in the lab.  Click here for a copy of the study guide 1 and 2

Science: We continue learning about the components of ecosystems, and we will add living components to our terrariums this week.

Thanking you for your support,

Mrs. Mary Dwyer