Congratulations to all of the 4th grade Spelling Bee contestants!  You represented our class so well, and we are proud of all of you!

We are off to a good start in 2015, working harder and doing our best to get everything completed on time.  Students know that work not completed during class time will often become homework that same day.  Your students also know that I will be sending out email notices to parents regarding any incomplete work, and this includes Reading Logs and ixL Math!

This week we will be completing Reading logs, due next Monday, using a new, more open-ended Reading log.  Copies will be available in the classroom tomorrow.  You may also click here to access.  Weekly_Reading_Log Note that this file gives you forms for two weeks!

We are also doing ixL Math: C 7, D 28 and 29 (a little less time-consuming than last week’s work).  I would like that completed by next Monday.

In Spelling we are doing Unit 14. The book pages should be completed by Friday, and the test will be on that day as well.  We are writing sentences with the words, and those are due on Thursday.

We continue studying Unit 8 in Vocabulary; the practices quiz will be on Thursday and the test on Friday.

In Grammar we continue our study of verbs, focusing upon linking and helping verbs.

We continue our work on essay/opinion writing this week, writing an essay about an important person in our lives.

In Math we have reached the end of Unit 3 and will have the test tomorrow.  Worksheets are due tomorrow: the four-page packet on number stories; page 96; and page 97.

Our main focus in Religion class this week is the 2nd and 3rd commandments.

In Social Studies we will finish chapter three this week (learning about life in the missions); we will review and then have the test next week.  We are excited about our next field trip, which will be to Olivas Adobe here in Ventura on February 4th.  I will attach the permission form to my newsletter next week.

We continue our study of chapter 3 in Science, focusing on microorganisms. Test will be next week.

All groups will be reading the assigned nonfiction selection in reading groups tomorrow.  We have been reading short nonfiction booklets but are now ready to move on!

Thanking you for your continued support,

Mrs. Dwyer