This week the students will recite their memorized poems in class.  Please make sure your child has a copy of his or her poem.  Each class will choose a few finalists to recite before the judges.

All students should be doing some research on the person they chose to represent at our class wax museum.  A short paragraph of information needs to be gathered and brought to class by the first day back from spring break.  This paragraph should include the person’s year of birth, what this person did to contribute to California’s history, and maybe some bit of interesting trivia.  We will then decide on three or four sentences to be memorized for the presentation on the evening of June 2nd.  It will be great fun!

Math this week brings us to the study of decimal numbers.  We will read some of Aesop’s Fables for reading and will then compare and contrast fables, myths, and fairy tales.

Friday is our fun filled jog-a-thon!  Please support us by returning your child’s jog-a-thon envelope.


Mrs. Sharon Redmond