Dear Kindergarten Families,

Reading is the best habit for success in school! It will help your child strengthen skills in all subject areas. Read to and with your child daily. Twenty minutes per day is the recommended time, during the 20 time have your child tell you about the story.  This week list books on the Reading Log. Note the date, title and check in box ‘read to’, ‘read with’ or ‘read by’ (child or parent).

Reading Log

Please use the Book Nook form to retell one of the favorite stories read this week. Have your child draw the character(s) and the setting.

Book Nook

IXL practice – (skills below are linked)

Language Arts

Text Features

A. 4 find a word in a sentence

Consonant Sounds and Letters

G.1 Which two words start with same sound?



F.6 Skip count by 10s


G.1 Are there enough?

Enjoy your weekend…please let me know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Brown