Dear Kindergarten Families,

This week sight word booklet 1 is included in folder. This is to keep and use as a resource. Spend time on sight words each day. Use post-its or make flash cards. Just as important find those sight words in print as you read. Please use the booklet to print and review words. We will test sight words every week or two, your child must know the word by sight no sounding out sight words!

Please note: when you read with your children, spend time picture reading and looking at details on every page. Reading workshop has us finding ‘wow’ pages as a strategy. Ask your child to find an interesting page. Retell the story or information in book. Look and count sight words in the books you read together. This counts as part of the 20 minutes reading time. There should be about 5 entries on the reading log per week.

Book review – for one favorite fiction book. Worksheets: alphabet match puzzle / math paper focus on number 5.

  1. Reading Log
  2. book review and worksheets


E.2 Find the picture that rhymes

T.3 counting with pennies  (challenge your child with T.4 if counting pennies comes easy)

T.4 counting pennies and nickels


extra coin counting games

Starfall – coin monkey

Starfall – counting to 100

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Carol Brown