Dear K Families,

Over our 3 -day weekend find a bit of time to cozy up and read with your child 🙂 Record on November book-it log, just color a book each time you read together. I am adding the November log in case some families did not print last week. Included are a couple of worksheets to help with letter/number formation, sentence writing, color words and counting by fives- links are below.

We are moving along doing very well with our sight words.  It is more difficult to notice sight words in text than with flash cards – practice the skill of noticing sight words when reading. Tip: use sight word booklet tally how many times those sight words are recognized when reading.

Nov Reading Log

Roll, Read, and Write

Turkey Maze by 5s

IXL Math

F. 5 Skip count by 5s

V.8 Introduction to symmetry

IXL Language Arts

G.1 Which two words start with same sound?


Extra sites – fun and educational – not required homework

Starfall holiday reading

Starfall skip count by 2s

How many under the shell?

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Brown