Dear Kindergarten Families,

Hard to believe we have already been in school for almost 100 days! The one hundredth day of school is on Wednesday, January 31!

To celebrate the many days of learning…please add 100 items to the bag in your child’s homework folder. Staple or tape closed so we can surprise our friends. Please bring 100 day bag in on Wednesday.

We will all have a turn to guess and share our 100 items. Please put items in snack size bags by 10s (for example) so we can count by that number. It is fine to be creative! Bags can have 5 or 25 items however you choose to count to 100 with your child. Please, with marker write how many in each bag. Suggestions: paper clips, cotton balls, craft sticks, stickers, erasers, stickers, small toys, m&m’s, skittles, conversation hearts, etc. If you choose to share some of the items, remember we have 28 students.

Keep up that healthy reading habit! It is so important to success in school.

Completed Book-it Reading Logs can be returned on Wednesday, January 31 for a pizza coupon.

That’s all for homework!


By student request… I am linking the Mammoth Videos

(scroll down to find video)

Channel Islands video Pygmy Mammoth 

Mammoth song and movement video

Enjoy your weekend –

Mrs. Brown