Dear Kindergarten Families,

In your child’s homework folder you will find the new reading log.  Have your child color a heart on February’s log each time you read together for 20 minutes.  As I mentioned in the weekly letter we are reading the classic “old favorites”. Find a book your child enjoys and do a book response. A simple word search is linked below for Groundhog Day.

Once Upon a Story

GroundHog wordsearch  (hint: ‘groundhog’ is backwards!)

Math  download and print — “Dice / Dot Game“- your child is bringing home a 10-sided dice. This is for a quick recognition of numbers 0-9 by the dots on dominoes or dice. We are working on knowing what the dots represent without counting. Have your child roll the die and tell you what number they rolled. Use this chart to show how many times they roll each number in a set time (5 or 7 minutes). Print that number neatly in the boxes on graph – starting at the bottom going up.


E. 5 number line to 30

M.2 left, middle, right

these language arts skills are worth reviewing – have your child spend a bit of time here

F. 1 Blend the sounds together to make a word

F. 2 Identify first, second and last sound in word

Extra educational sites – reading and listening to reading

Storyline Online with new stories

Starfall Groundhog’s Day

 Gingerbread Boy

Two Little Engines

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Brown