Dear Kindergarten Families,

I am impressed with the quality of homework coming in! Our Everyday Mathematics series has online games adding to our learning and math practice. This week and beyond we will be using this site. Your child has a login/password card taped in their folder. By clicking on this link everydaymathonline you will see the login page. Use card for login/password. Find the games and practice tab and go to early childhood games. You will find several games. Try some of the games to reinforce math skills. Section 1 is where we should be at this point.

The Saint’s Parade is coming soon – use this paper to write about your child’s saint. This is not due until October 21. ‘All About Saint’

As always read nightly and record on log. The library book your child choose this week is a great place to start! Practice sight words and return on Wednesday or Thursday next week. One paper for ELA – color and match letters on Pumpkin Pickup paper.

Reading /Web Log

Pumpkin Pickup

Additional websites:

Starfall (make a word)

Starfall (pumpkin story)

Build a Church

Have a nice weekend!

Mrs. Carol Brown