Every school year, we hope to win the lottery to have the In-N-Out truck come to our school. Last year, no, but this year, YES!
And this year we add a dessert selection too…dippin’ dots ice cream will be onsite on Friday, May 15 at lunchtime too.

Both must be ordered as a PRESALE only and none will be available for purchase on May 15.

Please complete the order form for your student(s), yourself, and other family members & friends; we welcome all to join us at the lunch tables and on the grass. Many enjoy bringing blankets and lawn chairs to be comfortable while enjoying our lunch and dessert.

The truck usually arrives mid-morning and the crew begins preparations immediately. We start serving the lower grades as the crew announces they are ready around 11:30a, and continue serving up through 8th grade as family members join their students in the line. There can be a bit of a wait to get your burger(s), chips, & drink(s), but the crew works rapidly to move the line as efficiently as possible. The lunch period is extended to allow all to enjoy lunch, dessert, and a little family and playtime.

dippin’ dots & In-N-Out Order Forms
We hope you can join us for this delicious lunch that raises funds for SHS!