Dear Kindergarten Families,

In December, our school community helped many local families with food and stuffed animals.  During Catholic Schools Week we would like to offer our help again with food and toy donations. Look for the paper bag coming home this week.

Parent’s Day is Friday!! If your schedule allows join us for Mass to start the day. Meeting parents near the church, we enter on the west side. After Mass, a reception for parents in Hall while students have recess. Join us in class for some academics at approximately 10:30. School ends at 12:00. Please note: it is very important for kindergarten children to have someone here for then. If work keeps you from coming, please have grandparent, aunt, uncle or special friend come for your child. And talk to your child about the circumstances in which you are not able to be here.

😉 We have started a show and tell each day, in number order. Monday starts with # 7 we will follow everyday this week ending on Friday with #11. Your children know their number and are ready to share a small item that fits in backpack. It gives us a chance to share a favorite toy, book, picture, game, doll, action figure, etc.

Religion – this week we celebrate Jesus our Good Shepherd.

ELA – rhyming, syllables, beginning sounds, vowels and ending sounds. We are sounding out simple words as we read! Writing workshop is wrapping up narrative and starting informational writing.  We will be learning how to do something step by step. For example: how to make a sandwich, a cup of chocolate milk, or make our bed. Best printing is top priority!

Math-addition working with number line and grid, the addition symbol, equal sign for math sentences. We are also reviewing patterns and counting to 50 by 1s from several starting points. Use that number grid at home for number recognition.

Science – our focus is on mammals. Which animals hibernate, migrate and adapt to the winter season.

Social studies- more on maps – designing our own map by following directions.

Any questions? Please send an email!

Blessings to you and your families,

Mrs. Brown