Dear Kindergarten Parents and Families,

We had a fantastic center day last Friday marking our 100 days of school.  I appreciate all the parents who are able to come in and those who help us with so many other projects at home.    Thank you all!     A look ahead:  Friday, February 8 is the next school wide center day  (Primary Centers).

Progress Reports come home today-please review, sign and return by Monday, January 28.

Friday is Parent/Family Appreciation Day at Sacred Heart School!  This day is special for kinder students, please try to arrange your schedule and join us. We start with a school Mass, and class visits begin after recess. School dismisses at 12:00.

Come join us –Sunday, January 27  for our annual Open House. Time: 12:00 to 2:00–  this gives everyone an opportunity to see each classroom and our campus!

This week we will be thinking about soils on different landforms. We will use the three different soils from last weeks lab- predicting which soil is best for different types of plants, then germinate seeds to begin the process of growing in different mediums.

Reading strategy this week is to predict and infer as we listen to stories and when in our reading groups. Our work with short vowel /a/ will continue as we work on ending sounds, naming and action words, telling and asking sentences, following with correct punctuation.

Math begins a new chapter this week. The focus is on calendar, events, and time to the hour. Vocabulary words include: days of the week, events, hour and minute hand, analog, and digital.

  • Remember to have your child return the library book they checked out last week. We  have this opportunity to check out books each Tuesday.

Have a wonderful week — hope to see everyone on Friday !

Mrs. Carol Brown