Dear Kindergarten Families,

Happy New Year and welcome back to the school routine! I hope all enjoyed a blessed Christmas with loved ones and friends.

As we return to school our work will cover a review of Advent and focus on Epiphany. We will learn how difficult the journey was for the Wise Men to reach Jesus. Our discussions: our strengths as we share our faith. An art/craft project to reinforce this learning.

English Language Arts:

As we begin the new year, we’ll get more comfortable with writing, blend sounds in simple CVC words, short vowel /a/; initial sounds for letters P,p; G, g; and F, f. Sight words, describing words, number words, rhyming words and naming words will help us develop good sentences, listening and speaking skills. As we listen to stories our strategies include summarizing and questioning, monitor and clarifying and lots of work with decoding words.

Everyday Math:

A review of teen numbers and counting by ones and tens. Theme 4 will start with addition/subtraction, learning to write the symbols and games to reinforce number recognition and number comparisons. Vocabulary terms: equal, plus sign, subtraction sign, adding to and taking from, number line, count on and count back.


A unit on the five senses continues this month.

Social Studies:

A look at how weather changes across the nation and world effect people and animals.

New Information and Reminders:

Friday is a full day of school – please return library books so your child may check out a new one on Thursday.

Field trip coming soon! Next Tuesday, January 13 we will take a walk to the Fire Station courtesy of Fire Fighter Thom Hoffman. Permission slips coming home soon- please sign and return by Monday, January 12.

Service hour calendar has been sent out – please email if you can help on campus.

Enjoy your warm winter week!

Mrs. Carol Brown