A Spirit Sign is prepared by the student and/or family and returned for lamination and display along the court fence. Presale Only

Shout Outs are composed by the student and/or family and returned for DJ Joggy to send out as the classes are on the field Jogathon morning. Write that Shout Out! They add so much fun! Presale & Day of
Jogathon Shout Out Form
A Favorite with a New Twist
Kona Ice will be on site to enjoy. Presale & Day of

The Pie Throw will be directed at our own Father Bill this year. What an opportunity!
Presale & Day of

Photos & Individual Fans Added
A Photo Booth will be in place to create some memories. Presale & Day of
Red, hand-held, battery operated fans are available to keep all comfortable. Presale & Day of (As supply lasts)
Please Note: Presale costs are lower than day of purchases!

Please complete the flyer to arrange for presale Jogathon items! Jogathon Order Form 2015

Remember, Spirit Signs are the only favorite not available for purchase Jogathon morning, but all items sold that morning will cost more than the presale price.