Dear Kindergarten Families,

This is the last homework assignment for kindergarten students this year! Please continue to read each night- and list books read on log or Reading Glue. Do the math worksheet and Memorial Day word search.

5-19 Reading Log

You will notice over 50 sticks are coming home. Use these for math sheet in homework folder. I encourage much use with these sticks. Your child can use to make patterns, count by twos, fives and tens, the bundling in groups of ten is a great fine motor skill. We have been using these to bundle and do math for a couple of weeks. They can stay home for fun with math.

Next week is short only 3 days, due to the retreat for staff. If homework is finished, turn in on Wednesday, if not please turn in the following Tuesday after the holiday weekend.

IXL Practice

E.8 Write tens and ones

Q. 4 Complete the sentence with correct short vowel word

Extra sites:

Starfall Candy Machine

Starfall How to build a Robot

anytime you would like to revisit the previous homework sites click here

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Brown