Dear Kindergarten Families,

As we wrap up this last week…I like to think about how far we have come since the first days of school. Together we have learned about Jesus, stories in the Bible, several prayers, how to listen and participate in church.

We made new friendships, worked on several projects, spent time printing/learning our letters/sounds, worked on many math skills, science labs, computer skills, got familiar with the world and US map, studied different people in our world, and while all this was going on everyone has grown at least an inch or two and for some three!

This week we will spend time reviewing God’s great love for us and how we can share His love and help others. Your children are excited to bring home their religion book and small children’s Bible.

Reviewing plane and solid shapes for math this week and a little work with symmetry.  Please look for Chapter 10, the last pages in our math text coming home in a blue construction paper folder for summer practice.

I plan to read the last stories in Theme 10 of our Reading Series. This will provide the story information for your child so they can work in their practice reading book when it comes home.  You will be able to see their growth from the first of the year as we worked in this book all year long.

It is the last week of school… with only three full days. Thursday is Spirit Day with a noon dismissal, a hot dog lunch will be provided by our PTC.  On Friday we attend Mass, come back to class say our good-byes and before we have time to blink  it’s 10:00 and summer vacation begins!

Thank you for your children. I have enjoyed each day learning with our class. I appreciate your support and help throughout the school year.

It was fun and it has been a great school year!

God Bless your families,

Mrs. Carol Brown