Dear Fifth Grade Families,

Wednesday is Free Dress for $1.00. Wednesday is also our Talent Show at 6:30. Friday is our Jogathon. Please be sure to have your permission slip returned before Friday.

Every night your child should be reviewing their Social Studies and Science notes. By Friday every student needs to have completed three Acc math packets. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. My email address is Please make sure that all students have their needed supplies everyday (paper, pencils, binders and flash drives).

Below is an overview of our week.

Math: We will learning how to classify quadrilateral and finding missing angle measures.

Science: We will be analyzing how scientist gather data and use the information to developed weather forecasts.

Social Studies: Chapter 9. We will be identifying leaders who recognized the need for a stronger government and explain why they spoke out.

English: Students are working on their Important Person report.

Religion: We will be focusing on the Rosary this week and preparing for our Living Rosary that will be on May 21, 2013. Our Saint this month is Saint Monica.

Spelling: Unit 26

Vocabulary Unit 13.

Literature: House of Dies Drear.

Thank you

Ms. Carney